What You Should Know Before Posting Your Nursing Resumé Online

What You Should Know Before Posting Your Nursing Resumé Online

What You Should Know Before Posting Your Nursing Resumé Online

Jan 9

What You Should Know Before Posting Your Nursing Resumé Online

By manbiz , in News Blog
While nurses are in high demand and there may even be a shortage of nurses where you live at the moment, you may be seeking a job farther afield. Perhaps you are looking for a change of scenery or perhaps the rate of pay where you live isn’t as high as it is in other regions around the country. Because the Internet gives you a much, much wider audience during your job search, you may be thinking of posting your resumé online. If you are thinking about this, here is some of what you should know before taking that step.

Beware of Posting Personal Information

While a paper or hard copy of your resumé would almost certainly list your contact information and perhaps even your driver’s license number, these things should never be posted on an online resumé. There are all sorts of nefarious people out there looking to scam you out of your money, so never give a cyber-thief enough ammunition to do so.

Choosing Where to Post Your Resumé

Also, you need to be extremely careful where you want to post your nurse resumé. There are literally tens of thousands of job boards and recruitment sites around the country and many of those are not legit. Some are there for the sole purpose of scamming well-intentioned job seekers like yourself. They will prey on the fact that you are sincerely looking for work and will use every trick in the book to get personal information and money out of you. Check the references of the site you are considering using to make sure they are credible.

Beyond Education and Experience

So then, now that you know what you shouldn’t do, what should be on your nursing resumé? Of course, you will want to list your education and work experience but beyond that, most employers today are interested in your people skills, often referred to as soft skills. Itemize these skills so that they are highlighted. Make sure you list such skills as:

  • Communication
  • Team player
  • Organized
  • Punctual
  • Pleasant personality
  • Willingness to help
  • Leadership skills

These are the soft skills that today’s employers are interested in. With so many graduates of fine universities, it is important to them to find the nurses that are a good fit with their hospital or medical office.

Putting Your Organizational Skills to Work Now

So, you’ve listed that you are a highly organized and often methodical person by nature. Put those skills to work for yourself right here and now. Never post your nursing resumé online on any site whatsoever unless you keep record of where it is posted. This serves two purposes on the surface. First, you will be able to discover if you get any spam email, snail mail, text messages or even voice mail. (Remember, that’s why you limit what personal information you post!) Secondly, you can check back often on those sites to see if there are any comments or questions posted so that you can stay on top of any hits your resumé may get.

By all means, post your resumé online. Just be careful what you post and where you post it and you should be safe enough.

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