Visual Search

Visual Search

Jan 9

Visual Search

With the launch of Google Lens, as well as Pinterest Lens, visual search is an exciting online marketing trend for companies. While visual search isn’t new, advances in technology have improved its usability, plus increased its accuracy.

Now, with Google Lens and Pinterest Lens, people can use their smartphones to take a photo of something, like a pair of shoes or a piece of furniture, and find out what the item is and where they can buy it.

People can also use these apps to discover a new location via landmarks. For example, if a user uploaded a photo of the Eiffel Tower, Google Lens can determine the landmark and then use that information to find where the photo was taken.

To get started with visual search optimization, think about how users find your company.

For example, shoppers may discover your luxury hotel while browsing Instagram for travel ideas. They come across pictures of your hotel’s stunning interior and sunny exterior, but the post doesn’t include the location. With Google Lens, they can discover the location and book a stay at your hotel.

How can I get ahead of this trend?

Partner with a trusted agency: Since visual search is a new area, it’s often a challenging task for in-house marketing teams. With the expertise of an online marketing agency, your business can maximize its investment in visual search. Plus, that agency can apply all their research on visual search into your campaign.

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