Tips For Using Technology to Motivate Your Workforce

Tips For Using Technology to Motivate Your Workforce

Tips For Using Technology to Motivate Your Workforce

Mar 20

Tips For Using Technology to Motivate Your Workforce

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Keeping employees engaged and motivated is essential for success in business. Taking advantage of today’s technology can aid in these efforts, by creating a more innovative and productive environment. Here are a few tech tools we recommend for motivating your team.


Improving collaboration efforts can contribute to a range of other improvements including efficiency and improved communication. Fortunately there are several tools available for helping you and your team more effectively collaborate while reducing time wasting tasks. Some cloud-based examples include Google Drive and Dropbox, both which are easy to use and highly effective at improving organization. Sharing tools such as these are also useful in providing insight on who is working on what and at what time. This transparency encourages collaboration and improves motivation as work is easily made visible to teammates.


Since 2005 the number of remote or work-from-home employees has grown by 140 percent. This increasing trend is putting new pressure on organizations to adapt with the times and revisit traditional scheduling. Allowing employees more freedom in their work week, whether that be through “flex hours” or adopting a work-from-home policy, can actually contribute to greater motivation and up to a 40 percent boost in productivity. With the right technology in place, employees can remain connected to their in-office teammates and produce a quality days work regardless of where they are.

Tools like Google Hangouts and Slack enable remote employees to easily connect with coworkers and in a more instantaneous format than traditional channels. Performance management systems suchs as 15Five, also allow managers to check in on remote employee progress and feel out any potential problems. As employees submit regular reports about their current projects, next steps and any thoughts or concerns for the week, managers can get up-to-date status reports and offer any necessary feedback or guidance. These tools greatly improve engagement and motivation as employees feel connected and can receive instant feedback no matter their distance from the office.

Smart Office

Particularly with the millennial generation, smart office technology is all the rage in workspace innovation. In fact, a global study revealed that employees who work in digital workplaces are not only more productive, but also more motivated, have higher job satisfaction and report a better overall sense of well-being. Depending on your business and office preferences, there are various ways to implement the smart technology best suited for your team.

Smart desks

Fully customizable, smart desks enable employees to create their most productive workstations. Capable of monitoring movement, improving posture and offering reminders to stand up and move throughout the day without causing interruption or loss of concentration.

IoT wearables

Just from wearing a time tracking device the average increase in employee productivity is 8.5%. Becoming aware of personal productivity levels, employees become more attentive to their daily tasks and how their time is spent.

Fitness trackers

Physical and mental health play a large role in productivity and engagement. Fitness trackers can help employees stay active through the day, tracking movement and calories burned. This in turn can help reduce stress and maintain a strong immune system, therefore cutting back on sick days.

HR Automation

Feedback is crucial for keeping employees engaged and motivated. While most organizations offer quarterly or annual performance reviews, employees are interested in real-time feedback and reassurance that what they’re doing today is contributing value long term. With HR automation software, managers can easily provide the immediate feedback employees desire while keeping them motivated and on the right track to success. Similarly, employes have the ability to offer management suggestions when they become relevant rather than holding back ideas until their next quarterly review.

When people are motivated, it’s amazing what can be achieved. Implementing technology tools to boost your team’s motivation is simple and can make all the difference in reaching your business goals in 2019.

Author Bio: Maddie Davis is co-founder of Enlightened Digital and a tech-obsessed female from the Big Apple. She lives by building and redesigning websites, running marathons, and reading anything and everything on the NYT Best Sellers list.

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