The Importance of Testing When Building a Website

The Importance of Testing When Building a Website

The Importance of Testing When Building a Website

Sep 21

The Importance of Testing When Building a Website

When agreeing to enlist the services of a web developer and/or designer, many business owners make two critical mistakes. These are: believing that it is possible to create the perfect website on the first attempt, and mistakenly thinking that once the site is put together completely and launched, the project is complete and there’s no need for further investment.

However, both of these beliefs could not be further from the truth, and thinking this way could actually seriously damage the credibility of not only your business website, but also your company as a whole. If a new website fails to perform in the way that it was built to, it’ll quickly lose points in the eyes of not only your staff members, competitors, and critics, but also your customers.

Because of this, testing is one of the most vital parts of setting up a new website. Most of the time, even the most skilled and experienced of web developers struggle to get it perfect the first time around when putting together and launching a new site. In order to ensure success with your business website, it’s absolutely vital to make sure that each component of your website is regularly tested for usability – not only at the beginning when launching your site, but regularly throughout the whole period of time that it is live.

The User Experience
When it comes to your business website, the user experience needs to be an absolute priority. The type of experience that your visitors have when they land on your site will be the key deciding factor in the opinions that they form not only of your website, but of your business overall.

Your new website might be stunning visually, with outstanding content and great SEO – but, if the site’s navigation system is poor, your visitors are quickly going to lose interest in your sleek design and well-written ‘About Us’ page. Along with regularly testing your site’s navigation system to ensure that it’s all linked together properly and easy to use, it’s a good idea to test all of the other site components which add up to a good user experience, for example carrying out a SIP test for audio and video.

Web Design Trends
As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest mistakes that you can possibly make when launching your business website is thinking that the work on it ends there. Sadly, when it comes to a business website, the work never really ends – the fast-paced, rapidly growing and developing world of the internet today means that in order to make sure that your business website is successful, it’s vital to be constantly testing it not only to make sure that it is in good working order and provides a great user experience, but also testing it against current trends in web development and design.

Although your website might be the most modern site on the web right now with all the latest and most fashionable features and elements, it could be a matter of months before that is dated. Making sure that your website constantly matches up to the latest developments and trends in web design is vital to ensure that you don’t lose reputation points with your customers.

Using Analytics
When you launch a website for your business, it is vital to use analytics in order to discover what’s working well and what’s not so good on your site when it comes to what your visitors are doing. Ideally, you will be using additional software on your website, which will monitor the hotspots and provide you with feedback about user activity. These types of software programs are hugely useful as they trace the path of the user from where they landed on your site, right up until the point that they leave. The data from analytics software programs and hotspot trackers can be hugely useful when it comes to making sure that your website is providing your visitors with the best user experience.

This data can help you to discover things such as why people are leaving your site early, which can in turn help you to make the necessary changes. Testing your site by using analytics to discover what and what isn’t working for your visitors is something that you should be committed to carrying out on an ongoing basis.

Designing and launching a business website is, for many entrepreneurs, the easy part. Once that is done, it’s absolutely vital to make sure that your website is subject to various forms of ongoing tests to ensure it lives up to visitors’ expectations and more.

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