The Best Degrees for a Career in Digital Marketing

The Best Degrees for a Career in Digital Marketing

The Best Degrees for a Career in Digital Marketing

Nov 23

The Best Degrees for a Career in Digital Marketing

Modern companies of all sizes are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve their digital marketing strategies. In the digital age of today, marketing online via a website, blog, social media and more is extremely important for all businesses, from small local shops to large global corporations. This makes digital marketing one of the most in-demand jobs of today, but in order to convince hiring managers that you are the right person for the job, it usually takes more than knowing your way around a Facebook or Twitter feed. We’ve listed some of the best degree courses to take if you’re hoping to land a great job in digital marketing.


One of the best things about taking a masters in business administration online degree is that you will not only learn the key facts and techniques of digital marketing, but also about running your own business as well. For keen marketers who are hoping to give entrepreneurship a go, an MBA can give you the best foundation when it comes to knowledge and skills. An MBA is extremely useful for helping you to understand marketing strategy in general and how it fits in with the various other business sectors. For more information, take a look at the online MBA programs available from Northeastern University.

Computer Science

If you prefer the high-tech side of things, a computer science degree can be one of the best options to choose when it comes to jump starting your career in digital marketing. This degree is one of the best if you are hoping to train yourself to think very logically whilst learning the specifics of programming algorithms and data structures. This degree will provide you with a deep understanding of how computer and software systems work, making it a perfect fit for a lucrative digital marketing career.

Information Systems

Getting a degree in information systems is one of the most popular routes to go down on the way to your digital marketing career. Information systems courses will teach you a healthy mix of key components of digital marketing, including web design, software engineering, databases, computer security, and more. At the same time, most information systems degrees will also allow you to specialise in one key topic whilst still being introduced to a wide variety of other topics.

Digital Media

Digital media is a course which has only recently been introduced in certain schools, and due to that, there is often a lot of variation between specific programs. Generally, digital media students can choose from an assortment of major topics from graphic design to content creation to ethics. Depending on the school, a digital media degree can be hugely flexible, making it the perfect choice for somebody who wants to work in digital marketing but isn’t quite yet sure where their specialist area should be.

Digital marketing has quickly become one of the hottest jobs of the decade, with many lucrative opportunities for those pursuing this career path. These are just some of the best degrees to study if you want to be a digital marketer.

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