The 4 Experiences Shoppers Want

The 4 Experiences Shoppers Want

The 4 Experiences Shoppers Want

Sep 22

The 4 Experiences Shoppers Want

Cue Connect recently released an e-book describing the four types of experiences that shoppers are craving: the luxury experience (e.g., sneak peeks, personalized touchpoints, high-reward loyalty programs), the active experience (e.g., in-store running clubs to try sneakers, a cooking class at a homegoods store), the connected experience (e.g., apps, push notifications, location-based technology) and, finally, the curated experience (e.g., products handpicked for them based on past purchases and preferences). Some interesting stats and tips from Cue Connect include:

+ Curated Experience: 33 percent of consumers state that they want a personal shopper for everything from groceries to clothing, and they want it delivered to their house. Therefore, the delivery process is critical to keeping these shoppers happy.

+ Connected Experience: 24 percent of consumers state they’re on channels and devices and expect to interact with a brand whenever, wherever and however they want, so it’s imperative that retailers create regular touchpoints on multiple channels that engage the consumer and encourage them to interact with a brand.

+ Active Experience: 22 percent of consumers state they love when a retailer sponsors workout classes, so they can try the product before they buy it. Retailers selling active gear will want to provide a way for consumers to truly try before they buy.

+ Luxury Experience: 27 percent of consumers say they love when a retailer calls them by name as they enter a site and sends them freebies on their birthday. Brands will want to invest in personalization technology to recognize and reward high-value customers.

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