Should You Still Be Using Print Advertising

Should You Still Be Using Print Advertising

Should You Still Be Using Print Advertising

Oct 10

Should You Still Be Using Print Advertising

By manbiz , in News Blog
Should You Still Be Using Print Advertising?
There’s no denying that we belong to a digital age. These days, most people have smartphones glued to their hands, so it’s not hard to see why the internet has become such a valuable marketing tool.

Businesses of all scales and sectors can now reach out to customers via several different mediums. Social media, websites, emails and blogs can all be updated automatically, and with very little input. So what does this mean for print advertising?

It’s not what you think. In the same way that Kindle devices haven’t replaced books, and people are still buying vinyl records, the world of print advertising is very much alive. Despite our advancements in technology, human nature hasn’t changed. Many of us still appreciate something we can hold in our hands, however seduced we are by digital marketing.

With that in mind, here are three reasons why your business should be embracing both digital marketing and print advertising to send a powerful message.

You’ll Reach More Customers
It’s no secret that the web has great outreach potential, but by coupling your social media and print adverts, you’re covering all bases and generation. This is especially important if your demographic involved older generation who may not use the internet or even a cell phone.

If your product is geared at students or young professionals, it makes sense to use every online marketing tool in the book, however, flyers and posters are still incredibly effective in bars and shops young adults will be visiting. If you are also trying to target customers belonging to an older age bracket, you still want to be using flyers, leaflets and newspaper adverts as well as online adverts.

In other words, while it’s not recommended to rely solely on print or digital marketing, you should include both in your marketing plan, so you can cover all areas and eventualities.

You Can Attract a Narrow Niche
The potential outreach of online marketing is undoubtedly its greatest strength. That said, depending on the different products and services your business has to offer, you may wish to target a very specific demographic in addition to advertising online. Print media is a very effective way to do this, especially now you can use online tools to target specific areas.

It Has Credibility
Due to the rise of online marketing, print media can be viewed as old-fashioned, however, it is still effective and great means for companies to advertise themselves. There is no reason to remove it from your advertising campaign, as articles in newspapers and other forms of hard-copy marketing have regained a lot of their credibility and are viewed as trustworthy, reputable adverts. As such, an advert delivered by hand rather than via an email may have a more significant impact on certain types of customer. Either way, it’s important to recognize that print media is not dead.

If you don’t know anything about printing, it makes sense to brush up on your printing jargon before you opt for this type of advertising. As with any business transaction, communication is critical, and when it comes to your advertising campaign, it couldn’t be more important that both you and your marketing team are on the same page.

In conclusion, it makes sense to target your key demographic through many different mediums. The most effective way to do this is by creating a stunning website and enhancing your social media profiles, but for the time being at least, print media should still be considered a valuable advertising platform.

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