Promote Your Panda Commerce Online Store the Easy Way!

Promote Your Panda Commerce Online Store the Easy Way!

Promote Your Panda Commerce Online Store the Easy Way!

Oct 11

Promote Your Panda Commerce Online Store the Easy Way!

Setting up a sleek and easy to use online store is just the first step. Before you can start getting orders and reaching the level of success you’re aiming for, you need to promote your new online store and attract potential customers. Fortunately, there are easy ways to get the word out and gain a lot of traffic. We’re going to take a look at some of them in this article.

Go Straight to Social Media

Social media is always your friend when it comes to promoting an online store. Instagram, for instance, is a great way to share gorgeous pictures of your products and attract customers. Don’t just post plain pictures of your products, though. Develop a theme for your stream and post pictures that Instagram users actually like.

The same can be said for Twitter. You can run polls and engage users in fun activities. You can, for instance, have your Twitter followers play an important role in designing your next product. Through the careful use of Twitter polls and the usual Reply and Quote functions, you can attract a lot of potential customers in a relatively short period of time.

Start a Blog (or a Vlog)

Content marketing is another marketing instrument you must use to promote your online store. It is easy to use services like to start your own WordPress blog. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to avoid hard-selling your products.

You can talk about a lot of things on your blog. You can let users get to know more about your business through behind-the-scenes articles or videos. You can talk about how your customers can maximise the use of your products too. if you’re selling fashion accessories, for instance, regularly posting fashion tips on how to mix and match different items will get you the right, very segmented traffic.

A blog is also the core of your online presence. Everything you do on social media should refer back to your blog. Users can simply click a link to find out more about the topics you talk about on your social media pages.

Use Ads to Your Advantage

Don’t hesitate to invest in advertisements to gain traction. Instead of displaying ads, however, go with paid posts and text ads for a more generic approach. Facebook has a very good advertising system where you can boost any post you make on your Facebook Page or Instagram to reach a larger audience. Twitter and YouTube have similar systems too.

You don’t even have to spend a lot of money to reach the right audience. A $20 campaign on Facebook will often land you 2,000 – 3,000 potential customers. With an optimised PandaCommerce landing page, converting a portion of that traffic into sales will not be a problem.

Are you ready to promote your new online store? Use the tips above to help you gain traction and reach the right audience segment quickly. Once you start making sales and making customers happy, you’ll start seeing more organic traffic almost immediately.

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