Micro-moments marketing

Micro-moments marketing

Micro-moments marketing

Jan 9

Micro-moments marketing

For companies that want to succeed in 2019 and beyond, micro-moments are more than a digital marketing trend. They’re the new standard for marketing to consumers. That’s why every business should make micro-moments part of their online marketing strategy.

Micro-moments offer immense value to digital marketing because they consider individual users. With micro-moments, you’re thinking about how a user’s sudden wants and needs influence their decision as they move through the buying funnel.

For reference, micro-moments refer to when a user wants to:

  • Know something
  • Go somewhere
  • Do something
  • Buy something

If your business prioritizes micro-moments, you can develop a digital marketing strategy that caters to those moments. For example, you can create blog content that answers common “know something” questions for your audience or optimize your Google My Business profile for “go somewhere” searches.

Companies that make micro-moments a part of their online marketing strategy take a user-focused approach. They consider what their audience wants and needs at every step, from when they’re researching something to when they’re ready to go somewhere.

This digital marketing trend demonstrates the necessity to prioritize the user and their unique journey.

How can I get ahead of this trend?

If you manage your marketing in-house, here are a few tips for bringing micro-moments onboard:

  • Research your audience
  • Identify your audience’s micro-moments
  • Audit your digital marketing strategy and look for where it includes micro-moments
  • Develop your content to answer questions from micro-moments fast
  • Ensure your website provides a quick and intuitive experience

For companies that partner with a digital marketing agency, make time to discuss micro-moments at your next meet-up. In some cases, your agency may already focus your strategy on micro-moments. If not, however, you can chat about moving forward with micro-moments.

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