Machine learning and AI

Machine learning and AI

Machine learning and AI

Jan 9

Machine learning and AI

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Around 60 percent of organizations have begun incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) into their operations. For 45 percent of those businesses, the technology provides extensive insight into the company’s data.

No matter how complex or simple your online marketing strategy is, you have access to a massive amount of data. For example, you can measure how long a user stays on a page, how many pages they visit on your website, or even whether they’re a new or returning visitor.

Whether you manage your Internet marketing strategy in-house or partner with a digital marketing agency, it’s a tremendous time investment to evaluate all the metrics available. However, machine learning and AI software can streamline this process.

This software helps your business by analyzing and summarizing all your pieces of data. It can also provide insight into how users find your company. Your marketing team or agency can then evaluate this data to discover areas for improvement, user trends, and additional action items.

How can I get ahead of this trend?

If your business wants to adapt to this online marketing trend, you have three choices:

  • Develop a machine learning and AI software in-house
  • Purchase an application from a third-party provider
  • Partner with a digital marketing agency that offers machine learning or AI software

In most cases, it’s ineffective for a company to build a software in-house. It requires a substantial amount of time and investment, plus continued upkeep. That’s why many businesses either purchase an application or partner with an agency.

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