Low cost ways to promote your business

Low cost ways to promote your business

Low cost ways to promote your business

Nov 15

Low cost ways to promote your business

Easy ways to promote your business

Ensuring your business maintains a high profile is essential if you want potential customers to head your way each time they need the products or services you offer. If the thought of diverting a higher proportion of your profits into your advertising and marketing budget fills you with dread, you’ll be pleased to know there are a number of inexpensive but equally effective alternatives.

Write a blog

A well-thought-out blog filled with high-quality content is an excellent way to promote your business on a shoestring. It provides an opportunity to show potential customers that you are up to date on the news within the industry and to provide your own unique insights in your area of expertise.

It’s vital that you invest the time and work to create something that people want to read and that adds genuine value to their lives. It’s a good idea to come up with themes that you can explore on a weekly or monthly basis so that you can plan ahead or tie-in features with other promotions within your business. You’ll also be able to engage with your customers through comments both on your blog and your linked social media channels. Their feedback could be of enormous value in helping you decide what areas your business should head into next.

Put information in the hands of your customers

Sending out digital press releases and information packs whenever your company announces a new product or service is a cheap and easy way of getting your message across, but if you want to have even greater impact, it’s worth investing a little money into producing hard copies of such documents.

Reading a brochure on a computer screen simply doesn’t have the same impact as being able to flip through the pages of an actual brochure. The tactile pleasure evoked by the physical document means it will simply “feel” more important and demand more attention as a result. The impact is all the greater due to the fact that so many companies are trying to do away with paper and do everything digitally. Most of your customers are likely to be bombarded with content via email on a daily basis so your printed brochure will stand out all the more.

Although it might be possible to produce such documents yourself, passing the work over to a local commercial printing company will ensure better results in a shorter time, and it also means your own equipment will be free for you to use in carrying out your routine business activities.

Take every opportunity

Every time you communicate with someone, regardless of whether they are an existing or a potential customer, you should find a way to promote an aspect of your business. Simply having your business name and logo as a signature in your email and adding additional information about new products or services means that you are keeping your company at the forefront of people’s minds.

All your correspondence – both electronic and paper – should also contain links to all your social media sites, your blogs and your company website. If the material is being sent out anyway, it’s best to ensure it is working as hard as possible on your behalf.

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