How to Effectively Market a Hotel

How to Effectively Market a Hotel

How to Effectively Market a Hotel

Mar 3

How to Effectively Market a Hotel

The hotel industry is more competitive than ever before, so you must have a strong marketing presence if you want to compete with your rivals, because you can guarantee they will have one. So, don’t create a website and wait for guests to book, take steps to effectively market a hotel.

Know Your Demographic

One of the biggest mistakes a hotelier can make is failing to identify their demographic. For example, if you are providing a hotel outside of the city centre, your demographic could be budget holidaymakers, business travellers or families.

If you don’t know who you are marketing to, you will more than likely create a campaign that’s aimed to all, rather than focusing on the types of people who would be more likely to walk through your doors. So, narrow down the age range, gender and type of guest who would book a stay at your hotel, and market your advertisements, branding and services to suit their needs.

Set Marketing Objectives

As soon as you have identified your demographic, you must set marketing goals to achieve your company objectives. For instance, what do you hope to achieve with a marketing campaign? Do you want to encourage more people to your hotel? Do you want to boost brand recognition? Do you want to change a hotel’s reputation?

Also, what channels do you intend to promote the marketing campaign? You can advertise the hotel on social media, encourage traffic to a website through PPC or you could even pay for an expensive television or radio advertisement.

Tell a Story

The best marketing campaigns provide their audience with a story – so inform potential guests of your story using words and visuals. For example, if an experienced hotel developer like Sajan Hansji helped make a hotel concept a reality, offer images of the initial concept, construction work and the finished result. An audience will enjoy the personalised story and may want to experience the accommodation for themselves.

Provide Professional Photos

You will want a hotel to appear as professional as possible, which is why you should hire a professional photographer to take stunning photos of the hotel rooms, lobby, on-site restaurant and bar, dishes and more. Poor quality photos will make people question the quality of a service, so ensure you only promote high-quality photos that reflect both the hotel and its brand.

Start Creating Videos

The report The Science of Social Video: Turning Views into Value recently stated that 67% of social media respondents said they watch more video content than they did a year ago, with 46% stating they made a purchase after watching a video.

So, if you’re not using videos to promote your hotel yet, now is the time to get started, because it can drive more traffic to your business. If you don’t have the budget to create a high-quality video, there is nothing stopping you from using the free Facebook Live service to take your audience on a virtual tour of the hotel.

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