Case Study: Underwater Lights
Project Description

The Case: Underwater Lights is an importer and distributor of underwater lights.

From our very first underwater lighting project (back to 2006) until today, Underwater Lights chose to collaborate with and distribute only the best manufacturers of underwater lights, in the world. Using the best products and materials, following the international rules of safety in technical applications, we take no risks with your safety and pleasure.

The Approach: After an initial brand interview with Underwater Lights management team. The team at MANBIZ began mapping out an intuitive user interface and information architecture flow that allowed Underwater Lights’s brand personality to shine and users the ability to find useful information quickly and efficiently.

The Outcome: The all-new Underwater Lights’s website is now the foundation and hub for all future marketing service releases related to the company.

Project Details
ClientUnderwater Lights
DateNovember 2015