eCommerce website Case Study
Dover - USA

The Case:Sportinmix is one of eCommerce retailers of sporting goods and accessories. They are a headquartered in Dover, USA, selling state-of-art sporting goods and accessories at Sportinmix specializes in carrying a unique blend of privately branded products, along with other sporting goods brands.

The Approach: Keeping customizations to a minimum was a priority, both for cost and for functionality. MANBIZ avoided Magento core modifications for all required customizations, preserving the upgradability of extensions and reducing potential conflicts throughout the site. The outcome is a fully responsive ecommerce website(based on Magento) that’s able to be easily maintained and upgraded.

The Outcome: The responsive design allows mobile shoppers easy and complete access and gives Sportinmix a competitive edge. As well, since Google favors responsive and mobile friendly sites versus those who do not enable such access, organic traffic has increased by a significant percentage.

Client: Sportinmix
Date: June 2015