Eugro Holding Corporation
New York - USA

The Case: Eugro Holding Corporation (Eugro) is a unique knowledge-based company. Established in 2007 and headquartered in New York City, Eugro offers a broad range of services to add value and create international business opportunities.

The Approach: MANBIZ began with a series of interviews with Eugro’s founder and owner and Eugro’s office manager to find the ‘DNA’ of Eugro. This process was followed by a cross evaluation of Eugro’s competition to determine their unique position in the industry. Once completed, the new Eugro brand began to take shape. A new logo and a simple yet powerful positioning statement was created – ‘You Grow With Eugro’ which captures the essence of Eugro’s brand, history and passion. The responsive site design on a highly customized version of WordPress to allow the client to have total control over the content.

The Outcome: Eugro Holding Corporation now has a new brand foundation to build the next chapter of their global business.

Client: Eugro Holding Corporation
Date: September 2015