London Chess Academy Case Study
London, United Kingdom

The Case: Chess Rising Stars London Academy provides personalized chess training at home as well as group lessons at 15 schools in London. Academy are dedicated to providing the best quality chess instruction for our students. Even the youngest children benefit from the curriculum designed for their needs.

The Approach: MANBIZ began with a series of interviews with Chess Academy founder. This process was followed by a cross evaluation of Academy competition to determine their unique position in the London market.

Objectives: Provide greater device accessibility through Responsive Web Design and improve overall content strategy and user experience to make the site more engaging. Organize content to make it highly accessible for prospective chess academy students and boost brand equity and online reach. Augment overall SEO performance and organic search results.

The Outcome:Now website focused on engaging visitors with an assortment of photos enticing visitors to explore the programs further. Visitors are then prompted to discover additional facts about the respective industries with visual cues blending a stylized mix of typography and photography. Academic yet stylized. Clean and inspiring. Making the content highly visual was a key objective. Chess Rising Stars London Academy now has a new and strong brand foundation to build the next chapter of their business.

Client: Chess Rising Stars London Academy
Date: April 2016