Case Study: Architect Elissavet Sfouni
Architect Elissavet Sfouni
Project Description

The Case: Case Study: Architect Elissavet Sfouni

We are a boutique architecture firm specializing in home design, known and respected for the creative integration of contemporary with traditional style. We offer a full range of architectural services. Our firm collaborates with a team of engineers, interior, and furniture designers offering high standards of construction. Focusing on the specific requirements of our customers, we discover exciting challenges in every project.

The Approach: After an initial brand interview with Architect Elissavet Sfouni, the team at MANBIZ began mapping out an intuitive user interface and information architecture flow that allowed architect personality to shine and users the ability to find projects information quickly and efficiently.

The Outcome: The all-new website of Architect Elissavet Sfouni is now the foundation and hub for all future marketing service releases related to the architecture firm.

Project Details
ClientArchitect Elissavet Sfouni
DateMarch 2016