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About Us

About Us

Our History & Mission Statement
MANBIZ ISP LLC was founded in September 2002 and is a privately held company. Our company has been profitable every month since its inception and operates fully within its own budget to assure a proper growth rate and that no debt occurs which can burden the company in the future.

MANBIZ believes in: Quality products and services, Customer Satisfaction, Innovation and Teamwork.

MANBIZ, as Internet Solutions Provider (ISP) and Register Service Provider (RSP), provides cost efficient, complete and result based business-class Internet solutions for thousands of companies worldwide.

Mission Statement As an Internet Service Provider, MANBIZ is working for recognition as “A Name You Can Trust”. MANBIZ will be the worldwide leader in delivering standardized business-class Internet presence solutions to small and medium sized businesses, with the most efficient, value-driven business model and industry-leading customer satisfaction.

Worldwide Recognition As a leading provider of internet web solutions, MANBIZ has developed into a widely-known and well-respected company within the web hosting industry. Through hard work, research, and careful planning, MANBIZ ISP continues to expand at a steady rate with flawless reputation world wide.

True talent only comes from within. But today, in music or in Internet business, to achieve success, to build on it and to make sure you keep it, you need collaboration. With someone who inspires challenges and stimulates you, someone who leaves you better prepared for the future.


MANBIZ brings a sense of confidence to the issue and put you at sense that you’ll get what you need


MANBIZ did exactly what was needed, stretched our thinking and provided opportunities for new growth deliver what we need


MANBIZ is filled with great strategists and web professionals who happen to operate in a marketing realm


MANBIZ is a collaborative web design agency which helps you get deeper understanding of your business


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