MANBIZ ISP is an interactive services firm that helps companies use the online channel as a marketing and business tool. We combine data, insight-driven design, leading technologies and rigorous optimization to build strong brands.

One-Stop Solutions: MANBIZ is a full-service digital agency at the intersection of creativity, media and technology.  Customer-focused web sites, digital branding, e-commerce websites, interactive marketing, reliable website hosing service and  24/7 support.

Branding + Identity: We’ve been helping companies build and support their brands for years. We have a thorough brand development process that builds your brand with your potential customers, your brand advocates (your loyal customers) and within your company.

Core Competencies: Reaching your customers in today’s complex environment requires relevant interactions at every stage from awareness to conversion and retention. We unite strategy, creativity, technology to create  interactive solutions. Consequently our solutions resonate with your customers to produce measurable success.


Customer-focused Websites

Our approach to Web site design and development begins with an analysis of your customers’ behavior and motivations. We define customer segments, intentions and goals and merge this information with your business requirements to create a strategy that impacts both.

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Our Team

We are MANBIZ website designers and developersWebsite Designers & DevelopersCustomer-focused Websites+
Our team has a combined 15+ years experience in web design and development, our extensive portfolio makes us one of the experienced teams in
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Alexander ManelidisAlexander ManelidisChief Executive Officer+
Alexander is a remarkable IT business professional, capable of overseeing a complex and diverse array of client needs and services each busi
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Manbiz TeamKaterina NassouProject Manager+
MANBIZ has highly skilled project managers on staff whose goal is to ensure your web site project is delivered in a timely fashion and to MA
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Our Services

Custom Website Design

Our approach to Web site design and development begins with an analysis of your customers’ behavior and motivations. We define customer segments, intentions and goals and merge this information with your business requirements to create a strategy that impacts both.

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Interactive Marketing

While most marketers approach the Internet as a broadcast vehicle, we see it as a powerful channel for managing customer relationships. It enables you to personalize communications with your customers, ensuring that your messages reach the right audience through the right media.

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Facebook Ads Services

For any business, Facebook is a valuable platform for social media advertising. Take advantage of our targeted Facebook advertising strategies to increase sales, engagement, and fans for short and long term results. Drive awareness of Your special offers with highly targeted Facebook Ads!

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MANBIZ ISP offers services backed by our deep expertise in strategy, marketing, analytics, campaign management and data. From brand identity and responsive website design to mobile app development, we work on every creative challenge to bring big ideas to life in an engaging and effective way.

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Brand Development

Building a world-class brand doesn’t happen by chance. It’s a purposeful endeavor that is rooted in the fusion of disciplined, strategic thinking and unencumbered creativity. The result is a brand strategy, story and experience that’s elegantly simple, unexpectedly fresh, and an asset that drives your business ahead.

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Context Sensitive Software Is a Necessity For Today’s Businesses

There are often times when certain problems can come about while using a website or a software program. Finding help for these problems can
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Resources that will help you create amazingly Effective Web Pages

The value of a craftsman is dictated by his skills, and also by the set of tools that he uses. Professional copywriters understand this fact
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website content.jpg0

How to Create Awesome Product Pages That Actually Speak to Your Clients

In this context, we should start by telling you that you could easily improve your copy by paying more attention to the key elements that tu
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The best digital blogs essential to the marketing community

As we kick off a brand new year and everyone heads back to work, we have tried to find a way to fill up those commuting hours once again. So
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What you have to know Hiring a Web Design Agency

Selecting the right partner for Web redesign endeavors can be a real challenge. This is especially true when it’s a startup, where there is
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What service providers won’t tell you about their information security

As you ask your vendors about their security practices, watch out for these answers it just might save your business. In the course of my bu
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UX Industry Report

A new study from user research platform UserTesting reveals that providing great customer experiences is becoming a greater focus for many b
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content marketing0

Discover three steps to creating useful content

Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller confirmed the importance of high-quality content and user experience in a Google Hangout he con
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marketing strategy0

Examples of S.M.A.R.T. Marketing Goals

What are your personal and business goals for 2016 and beyond? While “growing my company,” “making more money” and “networking more often” a
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5 Design Tools to Create Visually Compelling Content0

Invisible Web Design

Design doesn’t always have to be about creation of striking art; sometimes the best design is usable, yet subtle and inexplicable. Invisible
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Local SEO0

What Small Businesses Should Do to Benefit From Local SEO

Small businesses may lack the deep pockets of their big counterparts but surely not the zeal and will to succeed. Such entities not only lac
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Capitalizing on the Popularity of SaaS-Based Businesses

A business application that is sold as a service is categorized under the software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model. Such applications are
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Can Facebook Beat the Google Display Network in Online Advertising? [ Infographic ]

Since both Google and Facebook generate most of their revenue through advertising (advertising accounts for 96% of Google’s revenue vs. 86%
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7 Steps Towards Building an Effective Online Content Marketing Strategy

Whether starting up a new business or seeking to grow a business you’ve already established, marketing will play a huge role in your success
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Why the practice of SEO is, for many, shrouded in mystery?

While the benefits are clear and quite obvious, how enterprises achieve top listings on popular search engines, and for a variety of keyword
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Mobile Text Ads Get a Makeover at Google

Google has redesigned the look of the text ads that appear on publishers' mobile websites. The new format, according to Google, allows for "
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Crimson Hexagon Offers Facebook Topic Data

Social media analytics provider Crimson Hexagon is partnering with human data intelligence platform DataSift to integrate anonymized and agg
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On-Site Search Tips0

On-Site Search Tips for 2016 that engage website visitors

Website visitors that engage with on-site search are more likely to convert because they know what they are looking for. This is why it is i
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Multilingual SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)0

Reaching a Global Audience via Multilingual Marketing

Have you ever gone to a different country and instantly felt lost because you couldn’t understand the language? It’s a little terrifying and
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A Few Design-Related Scripts to Boost Interaction

Keeping a website current is a tough job, as not only do users' expectations change but competitor offerings do too. For these reasons and o
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Google Testing Method to Do Away With Passwords0

Google is stepping up its efforts to eliminate the password for good

The tech giant has asked a small group of users to test a new method of signing into their accounts without a password. The feature enables
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Earn More From Your Apps [Infographic]

Relying on earnings numbers alone to evaluate performance can be misleading.Earn More From Your Apps! webmag
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Parents to Teach Children About Internet Security0

Most Effective Conversion Optimization Tips for 2016

One of the most effective things you can do to increase revenue is to increase your conversion rate; if you’re only getting two out of every
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Pinterest Helps Shoppers Save0

Pinterest is helping shoppers save money this holiday season

Pinterest is helping shoppers save money this holiday season with a new price alert feature. With the feature, Pinterest notifies shoppers w
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Web application has been hacked0

Security 2016: Taking back the network

If you're tired of being threatened by identity theft, credit card hacks, social engineering, service station skimming, and malware-a-plenty
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Cyber security0

A Few Cybersecurity Predictions for 2016

Cyber supply chain security, identity consumerization, cyber insurance, and ransomware will be top of mind next year. So, with some hesitanc
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Last-Minute Social Strategies for the Holidays

The busiest shopping season of the year is quickly coming to a close, which means that retailers must step up their social game to reach las
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website design0

How Your Website Design can Boost Sales

A website represents a business to the wider digital audience - offering a display of the company's offerings and stating its value, princip
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marketing strategy0

Judging a Link’s True SEO Value

Many times it is those seeking to push the limits and game Google’s algorithm that give us a glimpse into how links can truly be evaluated a
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Email Marketing Resolutions0

5 Email Marketing Resolutions to Ensure Success in 2016

With the holiday chaos nearly behind us, it’s time to look ahead and make plans to get the most out of 2016. For a marketer, the New Year is
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Google Search Analytics0

Everyday & Everywhere Web Analytics

Collecting, understanding and acting on business-related "intelligence" is critical to digital operations today. As a result, paying regular
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Ways for Businesses to Help their Local Communities0

Ways for Businesses to Help their Local Communities

The people behind local businesses sometimes forget during busy times that they're part of the local community that they operate within. The
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E-Mail Marketing Tools0

The Best E-Mail Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Like it or not, e-mail marketing is here to stay. Although tools like social media have taken its place when it comes to reaching out to an
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content marketing0

Have you ever considered outsourcing your web content?

No, I don’t mean sending it overseas, I just mean hiring a dedicated content creation specialist to create your content for you. When you’re
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eugrotel app0

How to Choose Between Native and Hybrid App Development

A business mobile application needs to be well-planned to achieve the desired objectives: downloads, customer conversions and customer loyal
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Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Content Marketers

Content marketers probably wish for an extra pair of hands to help get their work done during the day. From creating content to curating con
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How Small Businesses Can Buy Big Expenses for Cheap Prices0

How Small Businesses Can Buy Big Expenses for Cheap Prices

For any startup in America, one thing that holds true is that every dollar counts. Most businesses use a common sales method where a certain
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marketing strategy0

Simple Marketing Tips for Growing Small Businesses

As a small business owner you likely wear many hats within your company. You’re the owner, but perhaps you also lead the sales and marketing
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Looting the Google Algorithm0

Google & Your Right to be Forgotten

In the digital world you do, it seems, have the right to be forgotten after all. Since the EU issued its right to be forgotten ruling nearly
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52 Content Marketing Tips for SEO

Businesses create content for a variety of reasons - one of which is for search engine optimization. To provide a comprehensive list of cont
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How to Present Web Design Mock-ups to a Client

Websites are visual in nature. This means it’s vital to create a mock-up of the website you intend to design for your client. A website mock
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The Do’s and Don’ts of How to Use Facebook for Business

You’ve heard all about the importance of using Facebook to grow your business. You know that it has a large user base. You realize that it c
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Predictions for the 'Net Future0

Predictions for the ‘Net Future

“I never think of the future. It comes soon enough” Albert Einstein What you will find on the following pages will highlight how today's Web
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How to Increase LinkedIn Engagement [Infographic]

LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool. It’s a fast-growing network of millions of professionals and one of the only places the business-savv
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4 Ways to Close the Sale

Every merchant wants more conversions, the challenge is figuring out how to get them. Often times, however, conversion rates can be increase
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SEO Ranking Factors [Infographic]

Search engine optimization — SEO — may seem like alchemy to the uninitiated. But there is a science to it. Search engines reward pages with
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The best secure mobile messaging apps 2015

In a world stricken by worries over illicit surveillance, a new generation of secure mobile communication apps wants to ride to the rescue o
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Unlocking Revenue Through Innovation – Retail Outlook study

Retailers are projecting growing sales and revenue but believe greater investment in innovation in an omnichannel strategy (including websit
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Promote Social Contests with Spredfast

Three months after acquiring Shoutlet, social software provider Spredfast has unveiled the first of many integrated technologies available t
Learn more

How to Generate Laser-Focused Ideas For Blog Content

Having a regularly updated blog is essential and a highly effective marketing channel for your business … but how do you know what to write
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360-Video add0

Advertisers Able to Sell Product in 360 Video on Facebook

In fact, what the social media site has announced is, because of the growing popularity of 360 videos, advertisers will now be able to prese
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16 Call-to-Action Formulas That Make People Want to Click

Good things happen when you create killer calls-to-action. I would even argue that your website can’t be successful unless you produce great
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What Would James Bond Do? Channel the Charisma of 007 in Your Website Marketing

Do you love James Bond? Who doesn’t? From his dashing tuxedos to his glittering super techy gadgets, Bond -- James Bond -- is the internatio
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Web application has been hacked0

Remember: Security hygiene applies to Web applications, too

When customers interact with your business, they most likely go through a Web application first. It’s your company’s public face and by virt
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online-reputation-management manbiz0

This is where online reputation management comes in and engender loyal consumers

If you own a business in today’s modern world, you know it’s no longer a question of whether you have an online presence or not — it’s now a
Learn more

How Can You Use Instagram for Your Business?

Instagram – that incredible photo-worthy social channel filled with images of cats, food, coffee, and possibly your product images. Do you f
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YouTube Plans to Make All Videos Viewable in Google Cardboard

As reality continues to become more virtual, companies are jumping on the bandwagon with everything from headsets to games. YouTube logoYouT
Learn more

5 Reasons Your Online Business Isn’t Growing

Today, your business can either fail or succeed based off of how well you do on the Internet. You may have an online business, or a componen
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Parents to Teach Children About Internet Security0

Why It’s Vital for Parents to Teach Children About Internet Security

The task of keeping our children safe and secure when using the internet is one that is becoming more and more challenging in today’s digita
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What is the “sharing economy0

What is the “sharing economy” which is fuelled by the Internet and the latest technological advances?

How the rise of the consumer-to-consumer, sharing economy is fuelled by the internet and the latest technological advances in frictionless p
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10 Interesting facts about WordPress you probably didn’t know

WordPress is a big name in the online world. It has not only become the leading content management system but also the core of internet indu
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Software as a Service0

Why Is Software as a Service a Better Model for Developers Than Other Ways of Licensing Applications?

The options available for delivering your software are completely different now to what they were in the past. There is really no reason to
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manbiz internet marketing0

The 80/20 Rule: Why Just 20% of Your Social Media Content Should be About Your Brand

There's no secret formula to successfully engaging with your audience on social media, but applying 'The 80/20 Rule' should always be a big
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11 Sure-Fire Ways to Increase Email Click-Through Rates

If you've been running your email marketing campaign for even a few months, you're probably able to anticipate the click-through rate of eac
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9 Facebook Changes to Know

Facebook has been busy rolling out updates this month, so Website Magazine put this information in one place to make it convenient for ’Net
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VPN, HTTPS encryption0

So what’s the internet community doing about the NSA cracking VPN, HTTPS encryption?

Now that the cat is firmly out the bag, and it's clear that the NSA has cracked the encryption behind, potentially, a huge amount of interne
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71 Adwords Tests [ Infographic ]

So how to use this infographic: Each ad test shown with oe initial version and differnt variations of the same ad. Your can start in your Ad
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computer clocks0

Researchers warn computer clocks can be easily scrambled

In 2012, two servers run by the U.S. Navy rolled back their clocks 12 years, deciding it was the year 2000. The servers were very important:
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Certificate authorities said they will no longer issuing SHA1 certificates at January 1 2016

In 2016, tens of millions of people around the world will face trouble accessing some of the most common encrypted websites like Facebook, G
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email marketing manbiz0

The Perfect Marketing Email in Focus

A new study from Retention Science is shedding light on what makes up the perfect marketing email message. The study is based on an analysis
Learn more

How might luxury e-commerce develop over the next five to ten years?

As part of our annual Altagamma-McKinsey Digital Luxury Experience Observatory1 we analyzed the online-sales trajectories of more than 50 lu
Learn more

Take a Look At How Various Industries View Security

Biscom shared some results of a new IT Survey finding that although regulated industries say security is a high concern, many are still usin
Learn more

Web Design Mistakes that Kill Rankings

As most Web pros know, Google has updated its algorithms several times to allow for more “user-friendly” content, while rewarding websites t
Learn more

Is Adaptive Design Better than Responsive Design?

Web conversations in recent years have always focused on design and more importantly, responsive design and its implementation. Some of the
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Tips for Creating Content that Naturally Amasses Links

In nearly all content marketing programs, the ultimate goal is to create high-quality content that’s of value to readers while promoting gro
Learn more

5 KPI’s to Ensure your Ecommerce Mobile App is a Success

There's an app for everything today ─ from buying your favorite clothes to groceries to auto parts, there's an ecommerce app for your every
Learn more

It’s not about IQ or EQ. It’s about learning agility

It's Not About Smart. It's About Speed. Change is inevitable. Your success relies on being able to change faster and better than your compet
Learn more

Mastering Local SEO – A Resource Guide

For the past few years, Google has increasingly aimed to show better local results, making the SERPs an ideal place for those searching for
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Do You Know Your Image Formats? [Infographics]

Not all Image Formats are created equal. All have different uses and different attributes. Website Magazine
Learn more

Pinterest has reached 100 million monthly active users

“Back in 2010 when we first started Pinterest, we were blown away by how many ways people found to use it. What started as a simple visual b
Learn more

How to Go Beyond Google’s Mobile Minimum?

So you survived Google’s deadly “Mobilegeddon” update. You’ve run a clean test of your site’s mobile-friendliness and according to Google, e
Learn more

Truly scalable & secure Cloud Hosting solution from MANBIZ ISP

Today MANBIZ ISP announced its partnership with UK based cloud provider Scaleforce which service powered by Jelastic Cloud platform. Scalefo
Learn more

Top 10 Apps for WordPress Bloggers

No one can deny this fact that ever since the inception of smart devices, our living style has dramatically transformed. Today, most of us c
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self-driving cars0

How to hack self-driving cars with a laser pointer

A security researcher has explained how a simple, hand-held laser can skew self-driving car sensors and place passengers at risk. A popular
Learn more

How to Boost Sales Through Social Media Marketing

Through the massive explosion in digitally-connected consumer products, online shopping has become the new norm. Last year, more than $304 b
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Domain Name0

How many Domain Name Variants should You Book for Your Business?

Many businessmen and entrepreneurs book several different domain names and domain name variants when starting a new business or launching a
Learn more

Average person has 19 passwords – but 1 in 3 don’t make them strong enough

The vast majority of people are leaving themselves at risk of identity theft, fraud and extortion by not taking simple but necessary steps t
Learn more

Which Facebook Ads Are Driving Conversions?

Facebook launched a measurement tool back in January called Conversion Lift in an effort to help marketers understand the value of Facebook
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How to Add a Pre-Existing Forum Into Your WordPress Site0

How to Add a Pre-Existing Forum Into Your WordPress Site?

It's pretty obvious that loyal customers of your WordPress website will not only visit your site over and over again, but most likely will s
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What Must Be Prioritized While Designing For Web – Text or Images?

Web standards are persistently rising, which are eventually impacting what we expect from a website. Most of us desire for a personalized we
Learn more
Web Trends You Should Follow For Developing Trendsetting Applications0

3 Web Trends You Should Follow For Developing Trendsetting Applications

Now-a-days, businesses are not just focusing on creating desktop applications only, but are also paying attention to building mobile apps to
Learn more

7 Simple ways to promote your old WordPress Posts

Your presence on this post itself reflects your love and compassion for the old posts that have been published on your WordPress blog. Well,
Learn more

Top Trends to Look Forward Before Designing your Next Mobile App

Design is undoubtedly a crucial driver of consumer engagement. Whether you consider an application UI, the face of a wearable, or the appear
Learn more

10 Marketing Strategy Elements you need for a Website Launch

Before launching a website, you must determine the qualifications a website needs in order to be successful. There are several elements that
Learn more

3 Key Learnings from the Pinterest Promoted Pins BETA

Recently, we received the opportunity to work with our clients and participate in the Pinterest promoted pins BETA. In this program we had t
Learn more

Role Of UI and UX In Designing a WordPress Website

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are the two most crucial aspects of a successful website. These two buzzwords come under the de
Learn more
eugrotel app0

Should Your Brand Get an App? [Infographic]

While the mobile Web presents unparalleled opportunities to capture the attention of local consumers ready to call or visit a store (50 perc
Learn more

TV Station Takes to Twitter to Raise Awareness of Pothole Problem

Social media can be used for just about anything these days. From promoting a business to trumpeting a cause, Twitter is often the go-to-sit
Learn more

A Look at the History of Search Engine Optimization and it’s future

Although most of us were alive before the dawn of search engines, it is still quite hard to remember what life was like all those (ahem!) 20
Learn more

Making Sense of Social Media Intelligence with Unmetric

Social media intelligence platform Unmetric has launched a mobile app that enables marketers to monitor their competitors in real -ime. The
Learn more

E-Commerce UX: Improving UX Of Your Website Helps To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Web design has evolved a lot and there are a lot of confusing terms which are generated. People are unable to distinguish between user exper
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What we can learn from JPMorgan’s insider breaches

User behaviors can expose bad actors before it’s too late... Another former JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPMC) employee was recently arrested by th
Learn more

A 15-Point Checklist for More Profitable Product Pages

The product pages of your website are your showroom and they must be displayed properly to achieve maximum results. This does not mean that
Learn more

Crucial E-Commerce Technologies for Small Businesses

The future of e-commerce is bright. It’s easier than ever to get online and start selling in no time, and the benefits of e-commerce extend
Learn more

Sync Online and Offline Commerce

Ecwid unveiled a new way for retailers to synchronize online and offline commerce. The Ecwid POS-to-Online solution enables retailers with c
Learn more

6 High-end PaaS solutions tailored to suit your NodeJS app hosting needs

After having embraced by industry biggies like PayPal and Walmart, more and more entrepreneurs are choosing NodeJS for creating bespoke appl
Learn more

Worldwide Mobile Addicts Grew 59% in the Last Year

On June 29th Bank of America released the findings of its second annual report on Consumer Mobility. The report showed that the US populatio
Learn more

WordPress: 13 Social Plugins

It’s time for another round of WordPress Wednesday, and this time Website Magazine is highlighting some of the coolest social plugins availa
Learn more
Email Marketing Resolutions0

Create Effective Subject Lines for Successful Marketing Campaigns

E-mail marketing is considered one of the most effective ways to reach an audience in any given industry. However, simply sending an e-mail
Learn more

The Tech Tools Your Small Business Needs To Succeed

The perfect toolkit for the small business owner is no longer comprised of business cards, office supplies and fax machines. Instead, with t
Learn more

4 Website Elements That Need A/B Testing

In today’s Internet landscape, there’s no time for slowing down or settling. If your website isn’t constantly evolving to include new techno
Learn more
Attention Heading C0

Creative Principles for Increasing Customer Response in Any Channel

The cold hard truth about direct response marketing is that most users are just looking for a reason to ignore any communications sent their
Learn more

Google Slips, Facebook Grows, in Display Advertising

According to the recent IgnitionOne Q2 Digital Marketing Report, advertisers are turning to Facebook in droves while reducing their display
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Social engineering concept: horseshoe magnet capturing crowd of color human figures isolated on white background0

10 Effective Strategies to Attract Visitors to Your Blog

You just wrote a great piece, or had one written by your awesome writer. Something like Shakespeare would have written if he were a blogger.
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Mozilla, Google Temporarily Ban Flash

The death knell may have sounded for Adobe Flash Both Google and Mozilla on Tuesday pulled support for the plugin on their browsers: Chrome
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9 Features Users Want on Mobile Websites

Smartphone users want mobile sites to be well optimized for their smaller screens, but many brands have not given their mobile website visit
Learn more

How Links Pass Authority

Link authority passes from one site to another in a variety of ways. Learn how we think link authority is built and passed from site on the
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Getting a clearer view of social media’s influence

Over the past decade, marketers have increasingly turned to social-media networks like Facebook and Twitter to create buzz around their prod
Learn more

What Is App Indexing and How Can You Use It?

Mobile continues to dominate the search conversation, and consumers are looking for relevant content not only from websites, but also from a
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Four of the Best Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

As you can see, there are many excellent reasons why you should use WordPress. You have access to multiple features, including excellent plu
Learn more

8 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Content

Finding a great site to host your content doesn’t have to be a daunting, overwhelming journey. There are several hosting sites out there, bu
Learn more

Drive More Target Engagement With Google’s App Indexing Ranking Signal

“You’ve invested time and effort into making your app an awesome experience, and we want to help people find the great content you’ve create
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5 Fail-Proof Social Media Best Practices

The majority of businesses are leveraging social media to engage their existing and potential customer base but many are still – even in 201
Learn more

10 Facebook Tips for Creating Posts with High Engagement

Organic reach on Facebook has recently become quite low, likely due to most brands seeing a higher return on their investments in the paid a
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5 Ways To Build Social Media Marketing Into Your PR Strategy

Planning and executing an effective public relations campaign is no easy task. It takes more than a few Tweets, Facebook posts, and calls to
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10 Marketing Strategy Elements You Need for A Website Launch

Before launching a website, you must determine the qualifications a website needs in order to be successful. There are several elements that
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Summer Fitness Guide: 6 Tips to Shape Up Your Email Marketing

Summer is finally here and, like those working on their summer fitness, it's time for marketers to re-examine email regimens and tighten up
Learn more

Why is Mobile Commerce Booming?

Mobile commerce solution Unbound Commerce conducted a same-store analysis of 350 mobile commerce sites and found a year-over-year aggregate
Learn more

The Time is Now for Personalization

You have likely heard about the practice for years, but if you're a 'Net professional today, chances are excellent that you're about to star
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Google Analytics: The Numbers You Need to Know

When you hear the words “analytics report” certain online programs and stats more than likely come to mind. While these programs and service
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Color Psychology in Logo Design

Our minds are inherently programmed to respond to colour. They shape our thoughts and emotions. And according to studies, colour affects mor
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10 Ways to Creatively Design Your Business Twitter Profile

Twitter is such a great social media tool, isn’t it? It connects you with your audience, helps you reach a wider one, and makes it incredibl
Learn more

The Latest Major Google Shifts: Why Your Content Must Be https

What exactly is HTTPS? Well, it’s a protocol used to establish a secure connection between a user and a server. By enabling an HTTPS connect
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The Psychology of Facebook

  Article Source
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How Google AdSense Users Can Buy Native Ad Traffic Without Getting Banned

There is no doubt that Google AdSense is one of the most efficient monetization solutions for content publishers. Few other services can gen
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The Most Effective SEO Tactic.

With over 15 years of experience on the Interwebs, I can (and with great confidence) tell you this: the more things change in the digital wo
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Design Wars Infographic

What once was entirely Apple’s competitive advantage – highest quality design – has now been adopted by the two other tech giants. Google an
Learn more

The 5 Best Markets for Retailers as the Dollar Rises

The US dollar is the king of currencies right now. The dollar is ahead of the euro, Canadian dollar and Australian dollar. While it’s nice t
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10 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates for International Shoppers

Are your international conversion rates measuring up to your domestic success—or are they merely an afterthought? Even if overseas visitors
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Keep prices consistent

The practice of psychological pricing is a familiar one to most shoppers. Department stores favor the .99 ending while brands like J.Crew pr
Learn more

Facebook Simplifies Forms for Lead Ads

Marketers love forms but consumers hate filling them out. To remedy this problem, Facebook is testing a new feature called “lead ads” that m
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Five Tips that Boost Sales and Search Rankings for eCommerce Sites

I’ve had my fair share of conversations with eCommerce site owners. The two issues that seem to always come up during the course of our disc
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7 Features Every Modern E-Commerce Site Needs

Practically any business can set up an e-commerce site, or an e-commerce section of their main website. The name makes it sound fancy, but r
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The Perfect Contact page [Infographic]

Not all contact pages have form on them, some simply have a phone number. If there a form on the contact page that is the most important par
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Apple Google Analytics0

Apple & Google’s App Store Analytics in Focus

As the news surfaced recently on the initiative taken by both Apple and Google in improving app store marketing tools, it's clearly the begi
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responsive design0

Is RWD Responsible Web Design?

The rapid expansion of different Web-enabled devices and screen sizes is pressuring Web designers and developers to produce effective and cr
Learn more
avenir font0

The Most Popular Fonts of 2015

Typography doesn't typically get the attention it deserves when it comes to designing and developing websites. That's too bad because not on
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The True Cost of “Free” Social Media

It’s been said that the best things in life are free. It logically follows then that in the world of marketing, social media must be the ver
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Mobilegeddon: One of these Retail Sites is Not Like the Other

Internet retailers saw Mobilegeddon – the name given to a recent Google algorithm update that makes mobile-friendliness a more significant p
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A Complete Guide for Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

When trying to design a great website it is very easy to focus on making something aesthetically pleasing while forgetting to make sure that
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The Best Experts on Your Content Are the Customers You Serve

Becoming a better marketer is just like anything else: if you want to get better at it, you have to practice. However, unlike an athlete, we
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Magento Extensions for a Big Time Sales Boost

With so many awesome extensions on the Magento Connect store it’s easier than ever to give your online shop an upgrade or two. Here are five
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10 Tips to Enhance Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

In the digital marketing space, Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) has become one of the leading areas to hone in on if you’re seeking some
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Twitter Upping Direct Message Character Limit From 140 to 10,000

Twitter is taking a break from tradition. The social networking site is axing its 140-character limit in direct messages. The upcoming chang
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The Internet Is Gradually Replacing Traditional Media [Infographic]

According to data published by ZenithOptimedia this week, people around the world now spend more than eight hours a day consuming media, wit
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Digital Ad Creative Checklist

Consumers are bombarded with display advertisements at every virtual corner of their online experience. The result is a phenomenon called “b
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Successful e-commerce marketing plan

A constellation of tactics is the key factors of a successful e-commerce marketing plan. If you build it, there is no guarantee they will co
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4 Ways to Encourage User-Generated Content

As brands continue to put an emphasis on content marketing, it is important to keep in mind that there is one type of content that is more v
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Lets Get Social [Infographic]

so you have business ...but not sure how to get it set up on the vessels of Social Media? We are here to guide you! SiteProNews
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Facebook’s Own In-App Search Engine a Threat to Google

It’s no secret that the internet is experiencing a shift away from desktop searches and towards a more mobile-friendly future as consumers a
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What Is Micro-Content, And Should You Care About It?

Micro-content can make you famous. It’s true. That’s how Megan Amram, a former Parks and Recreation writer, got her job. She, and many other
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Convert your Facebook page into Mobile App!

Create Android & iPhone App your Facebook page in 5 min! Powerful Features coming with App Promotional Tools We provide tools to help you pr
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The Best Email Subject Line

A new ReturnPath study is contradicting some widely held beliefs about consumer preferences and behavior. The study found that "clickbait" s
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Magento vs. WordPress for E-Commerce

If you are currently operating a website, and looking to integrate some e-commerce functionality into it to grow your business, you might be
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Ask the Audience with MyCrowd QA

Brands must test nearly every digital initiative, from the design of calls-to-action (CTAs) to the links inside of email newsletters. Luckil
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From “Near Me” Search to Purchase

Local marketing solutions provider SIM Partners has unveiled a partnership with mobile marketing company Vibes. Through the partnership, SIM
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3-Step Approach for Acquiring More Product Reviews

Ninety-five percent of consumers consult product reviews before making a purchase, yet less than half of consumers actually contribute to pr
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Top Tech and Trends in Q1 2015

Atlanta-based website backup CodeGuard is shedding light on top technologies and trends used by digital businesses with the release of its “
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Answering the Big SEO Questions

To succeed in online marketing, you simply must capture the attention of the mass of humanity that relies on organic search. To do so, you n
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How to Mentally Prep for a Website Project [Infographic]

Creating a new website is an exciting time. It can also be the most stressful project you work on this year (in a good way, of course). To l
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Google Search Analytics0

Google: So Long Search Queries, Hello Search Analytics

The Search Queries report in Google' Webmasters Tools is being replaced with a new "Search Analytics" report. The new report offers the abil
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Looting the Google Algorithm0

Looting the Google Algorithm

Google did not become the intergalactic Web titan it is today by focusing solely on itself. In fact, the world’s most influential search eng
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2015’s Top Social Media Management Tools

Manually managing a brand’s social profiles can be time consuming, not only because brands typically have a presence on multiple social netw
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7 Steps to Better Local SEO

In the beginning, local SEO much like its organic counterpart, was pretty simple. Build a ton of citations and rank. In 2015 you have to be
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How to Build a Brand of Awesomeness [Infographic]

How to Build a Brand of Awesomeness and a ginormous community. Put your focus on Goals not tools to build a better business. Webmag
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WordPress vulnerability affects millions of sites

A new proof-of-concept code that could hijack millions of WordPress websites has been released. The cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability
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HTTP/2 – The Future of the Internet Has Arrived

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP/1.x, has been around for more than 25 years. This is the mechanism that allows your browser to requ
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Bring Your Website to Life with the Call-to-Animation Plugin

In today’s digital world brands must do everything they can to separate themselves, and their websites, from the competition. To help make a
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A Human-Powered Approach to Programmatic Advertising

As consumers continue to find their way online, advertisers are constantly on the hunt for new ways to reach their audience. Glassview, an o
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22 Ways to Create Compelling Content [Infographic]

Posted in: Infographics
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Making Social Media an E-Commerce Priority

Consumers love for social media is well known and as brands look to capitalize on this love many new companies have emerged offering brands
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3 Simple Ways to Attract More Social Traffic

A study conducted by Shareaholic indicated that approximately 24 percent of the visitors received by a group of 300,000 websites was social
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Free Social Media Management and Marketing Tools to know

Businesses simply cannot afford to ignore the power of social media in boosting brand value. Social media allows you to connect with your ta
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How Instagram Creates Insta-Growth for Brands

From Polaroid to disposable, digital to film, photography has always been a stunning way to capture life’s best moments. In the 21st century
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Add Social Polls to Your Site

If you are looking for a way to add interactive content to your site, look no further than engaging quiz platform Qzzr. Not only can content
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Google’s Mobilegeddon is Coming — Are You Ready?

Major Algorithm Change Will Rank Mobile-Friendly Websites Above Those Not Yet Optimized If your website is not mobile-friendly, you will not
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5 Design Tools to Create Visually Compelling Content0

5 Design Tools to Create Visually Compelling Content

Social media is one of the single most powerful tools that a marketer possesses today. Many business and celebrities have reached extreme le
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eCommerce Business Worth0

What Is Your eCommerce Business Worth?

There will come a day when you will decide that you want to sell your business. It might be tomorrow, in a year, or in 10 years, but more of
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The Top Five Reasons All Online Marketers Should Use a Link

Are you an online marketer? Since you clicked on this article, I’m going to assume you are at the very least a hobbyist marketer, if not a m
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Top 10 Digital Advertising Tips

Digital advertising has become a major component of all marketing strategies—and if it’s not part of your business strategy, it should be. W
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The Difference Between Successful and Very Successful People

I recently met with a capable and driven executive and asked him, “How are you?” He gave me a rapid-fire answer of all of the things he was
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Social Media Tools to Make Your Marketing Easier

Social media is transforming our world. It is not just a hub for people to connect with family and friends. It has become a tool in the clas
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Web Design for Optimal Interaction or Modern Customer Experience

If it is becoming increasingly apparent that those leading their respective verticals have an unwavering focus on the quality and usefulness
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The Evolution of Web Design is Smart

Walking down the street in most cities today, people are focused on the tiny devices in their hands, immersed in the activities on their scr
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Only the Paranoid Survive

Andy Grove wrote a book by the same title. He was the Chairman of the Board of Intel Corporation from May 1997 to May 2005. Here is a quote
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Only Early Birds Know 6 Secrets to Success

It’s been proven time and time again that the most successful people tend to be early risers. The person you spy out your window going for a
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Public Clouds – Better, Faster, Stronger?

The private cloud versus public cloud debate is heating up, as updated research on the adoption of each sheds light on the direction of clou
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The Best-Performing Email Campaign Types

These days, marketers are talking more and more about recurring-revenue strategies, often found in subscription-based business models. A new
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Creating Evergreen Content

Evergreen simply means something that stays fresh forever, and this is exactly what you want for your content. In a more technical term “eve
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New Facebook Data Tool Offers Marketers More Customer Insight

Facebook has debuted a new tool that enables marketers and business owners to learn what their customers are talking about on the social net
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Digital Influence & Advertising

Each Super Bowl, big brands reach into their deep pockets to call attention to their business for the purpose of selling products or service
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Google Quality Rating Guide – What SEOs Need to Know

Google has completely rewritten the Quality Ratings Guideline, the resource that their team of quality raters uses to rate websites for Goog
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Quick Guide to Quality Website Content

Providing a good user experience starts with having a well-designed website along with quality content that can then be shared via social ne
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How to Use WordPress to Boost SEO Rankings

Nearly 1 out of every 4 of the world’s most dominant websites are housed on the WordPress platform. WordPress is a widely embraced content m
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7 Tips for Designing High-Converting Landing Pages

Every designer wants their Web pages to "look good," but successful design is both aesthetically pleasing and purposeful. And, no Web pages
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LinkedIn Launches Lead Accelerator Tool to Expand Advertisers’ Reach

LinkedIn is expanding its marketing portfolio to enable advertisers to not only track its nearly 350 million users as they surf the Web, but
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Magento – The Favourite eCommerce CMS (Infographic)

Magento popped up in the intensely competed ecommerce CMS marketplace in 2008, and has made its presence felt in just a few years of being i
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Marketing the Mercedes way – “The best or nothing”

Ola Källenius is a self-confessed “car guy” who still harkens back to being “that kid with the dream of driving that Mercedes star.” The Swe
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6 Unquestionable SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

With the increasing adoption of smartphones and tablets all across the globe, demand for multiple device compatible websites has reached its
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How to Make and Distribute Your Own Infographic for Free

Infographics have re-energized the way content is created and distributed on the Internet. Not only do these visual representations of data
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Pick This! Recommendation Solutions to Know

Savvy Web users have come to expect a personalized online experience, yet many brands don’t have the right strategies or technologies in pla
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“smart city” Chicago and Big Data

As a civilization, we may not be getting smarter. However, the technologies we use certainly are. Since the introduction of the smartphone,
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Improve Your Website Traffic with RapidHits.net

Work with our team of Specialists to craft winning campaigns optimized to succeed and tap into quality pay per click traffic that translates
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6+ Extensions to Super-Charge Chrome for Internet Devs

Google's Chrome browser is by far the most used among the general Internet population (with an estimated 60 percent market share), but among
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Heat Map0

What is a Heat Map?

It's been proven that websites have specific areas where human eyes always spend the most time, and website heat maps are the ultimate tool
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Content Discovery Tools to Boost Content Marketing Results

Content discovery tools are the best thing since sliced bread - for the content marketer at least. With so much being said and written about
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Google Algorithm Changes0

Google Algorithm Changes Timeline in 2014 [Infographic]

Each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times. While most of these changes are minor, Google occasionally rolls out a
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How to Amplify Your Content [infographic]

Many brands often wonder why their content is never shared or read by their audience. Despite the incredible amounts of content they’re prod
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How To Become An Instaguru [Infographic]

Since launching in 2010, Instagram has become the most popular photo sharing platform. In fact, there are more than 200 million active users
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Amp Up Your Social Media Marketing With These Quick Tips

So many of our business-related tasks take up a great deal of time. There are projects to tackle, employees to direct, products to create. T
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Why a Strong Brand is Important for Your Business

A brand is a name, symbol, logo or term that identifies a product or service and helps consumers differentiate among other product or servic
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The Top SEO Trends Your Website Should Cover in 2015

Now that 2014 is behind us, it would be wise to stay abreast of the trends and innovations that expert observers anticipate in the coming mo
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The Art of a Good E-mail Subject Line

How many e-mails do you send straight to the trash can every day? We’re living in a time where brevity is important. Your audience’s inboxes
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image editor, Edik0

Best Photo-Editing Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMSs) in the world. Every day, millions of websites rely on the CMS to help
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Is Your Cloud Service Safe from Hacking? [Infographic]

Concerns over cloud security are on the rise, and apparently for good reason. New research from cloud enablement solution Netskope revealed
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Corporate SEO Checklist for Your YouTube Video

Imagine if the Amazon River was filled with gold and you could divert it to your backyard. Well that is what YouTube has recently become, a
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Small Business Web Design Trends

Creating an attractive website isn't enough to entice visitors and drive sales; savvy business owners know it also has to be user friendly,
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Best Web Design Trends of 2014

Every year there are a variety of website design trends that take the Internet by storm. While some of these trends end up being timeless be
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Are Major Google Updates Coming to an End?

Google updates and algorithm fluctuations can make pro SEOs and novice webmasters shudder alike. When Google’s big updates sweep the web, th
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Experiential Marketing Benefits and Examples to Consider for Your Business

Experiential marketing is loosely defined as messaging you can touch, feel or view in a physical space. According to the Event Marketing Ins
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Nine Blog Writing Guidelines To Make You a Blogging Champion

Becoming a blogging superstar isn’t an easy road: it requires a great idea and a lot of hard work. So many guides seem to be promising the p
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Pinterest Opening Up Promoted Pins to All Advertisers

Several months after Pinterest declared its promoted pins — the social network’s version of ads — a success, it is opening up the program to
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Gmail Now Fully Blocked in China

Chinese Users Can No Longer Access E-mail Messages Through Third-Party Apps. After butting heads with Google for eight years, it appears the
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Business Intelligence for E-Commerce Retailers

There are many advantages that the Internet offers to merchants today, but few are more beneficial than the data it provides. The challenge,
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Best of Link-Building Strategies for 2015

The New Year is often a time to turn over a new leaf – and if you want to increase your website’s traffic, then you are going to have to sta
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Loyalty NOT a Factor in Driving Purchases [Infographics]

Print and websites are the dominant information source for shoppers. Over 80% of shoppers use more than one media type when making purchasin
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Designing Interfaces with a User Experience (UX) Perspective

Most of us spend countless hours online surrounded by a myriad of tech devices with screens, which receive our utmost attention. More than 1
Learn more

3 Tips for Perfect PPC Message

When searching online, I constantly find myself shaking my head and chuckling at the major brands who suffer from PPC message mismatch. If t
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How to Ensure a Prosperous Christmas Marketing Campaign [Infographics]

Christmas is a time of year when many companies go above and beyond to lure the customers. For many, an effective Christmas marketing campai
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Live-Chat Features Every Enterprise User Should Demand

Any business with a website knows that the more engaged a user is (in terms of interaction) the higher the likelihood that they will make a
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Mobile Trends to Look for in 2015

As consumers continue to increasingly use their mobile devices for e-commerce purposes marketers must adapt. UpSnap, a provider of mobile ad
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E-commerce Sellers Can Now Negotiate With Buyers

Amazon dropped a bombshell on the Internet recently, announcing the ability for customers to negotiate a lower price on the items they are c
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Top Project Management Systems for 2015

Anyone who has run a Web-based business knows the importance of organization and communication when it comes to getting a new project off th
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How to get the most from big data

Organizations need specialists, or “translators,” who can analyze, distill, and clearly communicate information of the greatest potential va
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5 Heavyweights in the SEO Battle

There are over 200 factors that influence how your site will appear in the organic search results. Some of them have a small influence while
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Dark Social dominates online sharing [Infographic]

What does Dark Social mean? Dark social is a term to refer to the social sharing of content that occurs outside of what can be measured by W
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Female Hands Holding Credit Card And A Tablet In The Office And0

Mobile Commerce Transactions to Approach 200bn By 2019

new report from Juniper Research has found that mobile phone and tablet users will make 195 billion mobile commerce transactions annually by
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Anatomy of a Perfect Website Template [ Infographic ]

Anatomy of a Perfect Website Template. Get a perfect design layout. Web browsers market share. Screen resolution statistics and much more in
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The Proliferation of Mobile Apps [Infographic]

Apps continues to dominate the mobile web. View Mobile Apps in numbers and Mobile Apps usage by age. Source
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Microsoft Begins Accepting Bitcoins

Bitcoin — the virtual currency — has been gaining ground this year and took a major step Thursday. Microsoft has become the first major tech
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What Your Website Needs for 2015

The best way to guarantee a prosperous new year is an up-to-date company website. This article describes a few of the most important feature
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Security group plans for a future without passwords

Having to remember multiple passwords may soon be a thing of the past. The FIDO Alliance encourages stronger use of biometrics and hardware
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Interactive Catalogues Make e-Commerce Site More Engaging

In order for retailers websites to be as successful as possible they must be designed to inspire consumer engagement. Slide HTML5, a provide
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Before You Dive Headfirst into Mobile, Know What Consumers Expect

Mobile has cemented itself as an e-commerce power player and businesses that have not already adapted to the all-important e-commerce channe
Learn more

Why Going Global Really Means Going Local

The hype around globalization is well deserved – it has never been easier for organizations of all sizes to have a worldwide presence. In fa
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E-Commerce & the Modern Purchasing Process

As the world transitions from bricks to clicks, the role of customer service in the purchasing process is coming under closer scrutiny. New
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The value of online Reviews for Businesses [Infographic]

A new study from Trustpilot is shedding light on the value of online reviews, revealing that 79 percent of businesses believe that online re
Learn more

How Important Is ‘Word of Mouth’ To Your Web Marketing Strategy?

Word-of-mouth marketing may have evolved from phone calls and face-to-face conversations to social media posts and comments, but its importa
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Facebook Is a Must for Brands Around the World

Facebook was built to help people connect and share, and over the last decade our tools have played a critical part in changing how people a
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Logo Design0

How Approach Logo Design – Checklist

I recently had a client who wanted a logo designed for a line of diet bars. While I was interviewing him before starting my designs, one of
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Web design Questionnaire0

Web design Questionnaire

What the site’s supposed to do for the client’s business What the site will look like We’ll take you through the questionnaire that I use, a
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How to Build Your Brand Online [Infographic]

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What Does Organic SEO Really Mean? – [ Infographic ]

Infographic Source
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Google Launches Counter-Advertising Experiment

There may be a way to see websites without being exposed to advertising, but it would cost viewers. Google announced Thursday it is launchin
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Search vs. Social: How to Drive Website Traffic with Evergreen Content

There is an ongoing debate in the content marketing community about investing in content that will do well in social versus search (examples
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Social Media Marketing0

Social Media Marketing: Many Channels, Few Messages

When you use social media as part of your marketing strategy, you can either end up uniting audiences across many platforms or inducing conf
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How To Build An Effective Social Marketing Strategy

In the 20th century, nearly every marketing problem had one solution—the 30 second TV ad. If you had a product to sell, you could reach ever
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